What Makes a Name Brandable

Brandable Domain - A Unique Expression of Relatable Ideas

Brandable names are catchy, unique, and meaningful identifications for businesses. It is more than the mere description of the offered services or products. Brandable names have the power to create a whole new image for the company and sell it to customers at the speed of the light. Such names can be made names with no previous meanings or use areas such as Google or Instagram. Even if people are familiar with the definition, brandable names utilize the words in new concepts and communicate creative, inspirational messages, such as Apple.

Sometimes, a word can have no meaning, but the way it sounds is enough to communicate a message to the customers. In general, getting a brandable name is one of the biggest favours you can do for the success of your business.

  • Relatable - through its sound and meaning, a brandable name signals the use, benefit and values without clearly describing them.
  • Distinct - branded names are different from your competitors, and they create a unique brand image for your company.
  • Memorable - your clients should have no difficulty to recall, type or pronounce the name.
  • Reliable - the name sounds professional and accountable even if it utilizes a creative approach.

Why are Brandable Names Important?

If you want to create strong bonds with the potential customers, brandable names are the best.. The benefits of brandable names are immense:

  1. Create a Distinct Image
  2. A name like ‘cheap computers’ might be tempting for short term sales, but it will fail in the creation of a long term relationship with the clients. Such names do not give you a competitive edge when there exist many other rivals with similar offerings. Instead, brandable names can catch the attention and help to sell affordable computers quicker than others.

  3. Get Much Flexibility
  4. When it comes to business expansion ideas, brandable names are the best. Think about the names with keywords, such as ‘XYZ Laptops’. What happens if you decide to sell more gadgets, like smartphones, tablets, or watches? Names with keywords will be a barrier in new product development, or market expansions. However, brandable names will fit many concepts easily with no adjustments.

  5. Avoid Legalities
  6. Brandable names are mostly innovative and non-existent words, such as Yahoo. Hence, there is a very low chance that once you get it, you will face any legal challenges. Besides, as it is not generic, you can get the trademark with less effort. Protecting your domain and company name will also be a piece of cake for many years to come.

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How to Create a Brandable Name?

  1. Keep It Short
  2. If you want to have a fantastic brand image, forget about long strings of text for your company name. It is one of the common mistakes of companies as they want to add every benefit and value to the name. Besides, adding keywords looks attractive as it will promote the search engine ranking. However, you need to get a short name - with a maximum of 2-3 words. In this way, it will be easy for clients to memorize and recall.

  3. Don’t Copycat
  4. When you enter a new industry, it is tempting to follow the steps of successful players. Sure, a competitive analysis can bring naming ideas, but copying the trends is not a useful strategy. In this case, your business will be one of the many similar options. It will disappear in the competition and be invisible to the clients. A completely new, distinct name will give your business a durable competitive edge.

  5. Avoid Excessive Creativity
  6. While we always recommend going ‘out-of-box’ and coming up with unique ideas, some people can overreact to this principle. Too much creativity can make the name complicated for the users. You need to keep the balance between being different and similar. It means, even if your name has unclear meanings, it should still have easy spelling and pronunciation. Otherwise, customers who are afraid of mispronouncing your brand will avoid talking about your brand to others.

  7. Not You, But They
  8. In all stages of the name selection process, you need to keep the clients in mind. It is easy to get carried away and choose names that sound appealing to you. However, you should not forget that what is important is the customers’ perception and opinion. Do the research and try to understand the preferences of your target audience. If you like some names, share with your potential clients and get their feedback.

  9. Be consistent
  10. When you decide on the name, you need to ensure that you can get a domain, social media addresses and emails with the same title. Having a consistent image offers a better user experience and creates a reliable, professional image for the company. Your clients can access your website and social media accounts, or contact you by email if they keep the simple information-your business name- in their minds. Such simplicity strengthens the bonds between the brand and the customer.

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  11. Competition? Never Heard.
  12. One of the most important rules of choosing the brandable name is that you should not ignore the competition. Even if your ultimate goal is being distinct, you need to check the competitors’ names first. In this way, you can find out what names are becoming quickly famous or what features lead to failure. After analyzing your rivals, get a unique name with some of the elements from their names. As a result, you will avoid blending in with similar names while having a relatable, familiar image. Besides, your brand will stand out in the competition.

  13. Marketing at Its Best
  14. You can either choose an existing word and use a different concept or invent a new word for a brandable name. The latter one has many benefits such as avoiding legal charges, being unique and appealing for the customers. However, if you do not market your name and its meaning for your business, people will not care about your brand. You need to ensure that your logo style, colours, sounds - all brand elements create a coherent image with your name. This process can take much time and effort. Yet, once you achieve the high-level awareness for your invented name, customers will not forget about your brand for a long time.

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Finding Brandable Names

If you make use of all the strategies mentioned above, you can increase your chance of getting a branded name for your company. Yet, you can use a shortcut and access to the most brandable names of all times in a few taps. At Brand Pulsar, we have a massive selection of branded names for companies of various industries. Browse our options and choose an appealing and distinct name for your brand.