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Website Name Mistakes

The clients' first impressions should be the same as your brand identity whether it is fun, friendly, bold, professional, or out-of-box. However, tiny mistakes can ruin all the benefits of choosing the right website names. For example, it is not preferable to use numbers or symbols in the name as it is hard to guess the correct typing. It can also hurt your credibility. Plus, different words with similar pronunciations should be avoided as people will not know which one they should use to find your website. Lastly, check the grammar and correct spelling to avoid looking unprofessional.

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Should You Go Beyond '.com'?

If you are getting your first website, you can be confused about which extensions (.com .net .io) to choose. Generally, people trust sites with popular extensions, such as .com. Besides, companies might look more professional if they use common top-level domains. Such website names are scarce, as many people attempt to get domains with popular extensions. Therefore, you can opt for unique extensions such as .world or .africa. These types of extensions allow for flexibility and let you generate a creative image for your business.

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Website Name and Domain Name

It will not be wrong to say that your domain name should be the website name. Sure, you can choose a different website name. However, in this case, people who type the domain name will face a completely different website name, which will create confusion and suspicious attitudes toward the site. Hence, you need to make your website name the same with the domain name. Only if you could not get the domain name you wish and adjust it, you can use the preferred name for the website. Yet, the difference should still be tiny.

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Highly-Effective Website Names

If you are confused about how to choose a great website name, here are a few strategies. First, you can take a creative approach. Names that did not exist before and had no meaning for the visitors are becoming more popular because they can be short and easy to pronounce. For such names, the emotions that they generate plays a huge role. Check the power of the letter and generate short names that create a desirable image.

Alternatively, you can utilize a descriptive method in your decision-making process. Descriptive website names are those that explain to people what the site is about. The purpose of your business, core values, main benefits - all can be included in such names. As the name communicates a meaningful message, it is powerful in attracting new visitors. For example, people looking for affordable products can prefer website names with a 'cheap' word.

If you want to create a name that will boost your position in search rankings, you can take an SEO-approach. Such website names include the keywords that people use when they are looking for similar products or services. For instance, using keywords like 'home,' 'remodel,' or 'renovation' in the website name can boost the search rankings of home renovation services. Names with keywords can be a little hard to find, but you can get huge benefits.

With so many options for naming, it shouldn’t get overwhelming. No matter which approach you take, it is better to check the name's effectiveness among potential clients. Try to get their feedback on how your website or domain name makes people feel. Plus, such a feedback receiving process can generate new ideas by the comments and advice of the prospective customers.


Visitor Retention

Memorable and catchy website names can get the attention of visitors and make them return for more.

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User Guidance

Your website name will signal your site's use and purpose, which is an effective
marketing tactic.

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Having a well-thought-out and a clean domain name will signal your trustworthiness and credibility.

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