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Company names identify the businesses and help them to stand out among hundreds of alternatives. It shows how the business benefits potential customers, the company's values, and, overall, showcases the brand image. Your domain name acts in the same way as your company name.

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Importance of the Names

Does a powerful, effective, and memorable company name have any impact on the growth of your business? Yes, it does. First impressions are crucial to your business. And if potential customers get the wrong idea about your company for the first time, that may be the decline of your business. That also goes to your domain name. Numerous research has been conducted to prove this theory. It takes three seconds for your potential clients to make quick judgments, according to Harvard University. That’s why you need a company name and a domain name that reflects the image and identity of your business, or as we refer it, the “soul” of your business. If people don’t connect with your business, they won’t associate with your brand.

Sure, it is desirable to have your business name match your domain name because clients can easily access your websites. However, your dream domain name might not be available. You can still enjoy the desirable name with the help of a few techniques. For example, you can choose a different extension, or a top-level domain. In this case, the second-level domain will stay the same, but you will get the name because the extension is different. Tweaking a name a little with articles or adjectives, and trying to buy the used domain name are among the other options.

A complete toolkit for domain search

Features of Successful Company Names

The right company name is usually short, making it easy to memorize and type. Short company names fit the logos or signatures and look visually attractive on billboards, forms, or other types of marketing mediums. Let your potential customer recognize and use your name effortlessly.

Your company name should be unique.
Copycatting your competitors or using common strategies will make your brand one of the hundreds of similar alternatives. Instead, choose an exciting and unusual name to make your company stand out. Do not use articles, symbols, or numbers in your domain and company names unless it is absolutely necessary because your customers will be confused.

Your company will grow in the future. Make room for it.
Among other relevant reasons, your business should grow. Hence, your company name should be relatable in different languages and for people of various countries. The business name should not entail anything that limits it to a specific state, geographical location, or country, unless there is a specificity to your business.

The name of your business should not lose its meaning over time.
Try to come up with future-proof names for the longevity of your business. Meanwhile, keep in mind that you can create a domain name the same as your company name. If the domain name is not available, you can enjoy using your values or slogan as the website name.



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