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The ultimate guide to 4 letter domains in 2020

The internet is a massive mall where getting recognition might seem impossible at first. That's where the 4 letter domains come into play!
The ultimate guide to 4 letter domains in 2020

Aftandil Shahbazli


Remembering your favorite website name is like remembering your first crush name in kindergarten. You will never forget it. 4 letter domains are no different in this regard; as a matter of fact, coming up with a catchy domain name can be troublesome and fun at the same time. 


The internet is a massive mall where a plethora of businesses exists. Getting the recognition might seem impossible at first. That's where the 4 letter domains for sale come into play. Keeping it short but meaningful is where it counts if you want to leave a good impression. Looking at businesses that are looking for tech company names is enough to understand the struggle. 


Four letter domain names are not just something that you search for in your preferred browsers - it is a formal name that everyone recognizes you with business cards, logo, etc. Let's discover the best four-letter domains for sale one can find.


Understanding 4 letter domains


Thanks to the ever-growing internet of today's 21st century, everything has been given a name. Whether you are a business enthusiastic person looking for financial business names or a blogger looking to promote and sell a specific product, you will need to build yourself a brand name.


To achieve a perfect and recognizable brand name, you will have to keep your domain name as short as possible. Sometimes, it is no secret due to a lack of imagination business owners come up with complicated and too hard to remember brand names. Generally speaking, if you are looking to promote and excite your product, 4 letter domains are more catchy and memorable. 


Ugh, I can't remember that website's name!


What if your brand name is too long and hard to remember? There is good news, thanks to the modern advancements of the linguistics era business owners like yourself don't have to worry about the length of your brand name any longer. By abbreviating your brand domain name to just four-letter domain names, you can excel in this business.


For instance, let's say you have named your business after your father or dead cat, and the name is just too long. What do you do? Well, you can't rename your brand; otherwise, you will lose many customers. The solution is simple: just abbreviate it.


For instance, if the name is Long Johnson Tiny Mouse, you can quickly condense it to LJTM. Not only does it sound nice, but it is also easy to recognize and memorize. Many other examples can be mentioned, but we have kept the list short for the sake of brevity. And the reality is the longer the domain names are, the more it becomes harder for people to type or guess.


Also, long domain names are usually difficult to spell. For instance, organizations such as The North Atlantic Treaty Organization have abbreviated their name to 4 letter domains. This is not only easy to remember but to spell as well. This is becoming popular with social networks as well.


There is an increasing number of 4 letter domains for sale, and companies are purchasing abbreviations of their current social network brand name.


Fewer typos, more branding


4 letter domains


Have you ever thought of why 4 letter domain names are more wanted than any others? The main reason behind this is the fact that 4 letter domains are more comfortable for customers to remember. It is also easier to brand when compared to a lengthy abstract name. Besides the fact that they seem to be more prestigious, 4 letter domains are also less likely to be mixed up and therefore face fewer chances of being misspelled.


This can be an issue for a company that has a complicated and hard to spell name. It is important to consider users who might be searching for your company using their mobile devices. In this case, they will prefer a shorter name, which is easier to look for online. 



If you do not take this for a legitimate issue, you will need to consider that more and more people are leaving their PCs and moving on to their mobile devices. Are you looking to attract them to your business? Then you will need to consider their needs, if not, then they will simply move onto the next company that does. 



Being relevant requires you to be up-to-date with the latest technological trends. Voice-to-text is growing to be a more convenient way for users to do searches. Because many search engines support voice recognition software tools, your domain name must be easily searchable. It would be much easier to dictate four letters than something more complicated.


The user would be less prone to errors, therefore making it easier to search. As the mobile use of your customers grows, you will only be happy to have chosen a 4 letter domain name. 


Ease of branding


Branding is a topic you should be more than worried about. It is what will spread awareness of your company and business. Through branding, your current customers will learn more about, and future customers will hear about you. As you might have understood by now, 4 letter domains are how to go when it comes to branding.


They are the most comfortable domain names to brand and promote. Doing a little historical research is enough to see that companies with 4 letter domains have had the easiest route to successful branding, simply because of their short website names. 



It might be easy to find 4 letter domains for sale, but you should be focused on the easily pronounceable and rare ones. You should remember that you are not the only one on the hunt for such names. There are lots of other companies and start-ups with the same intentions. 


Why choose ".com"?


Almost every significant business and company usually opts for the domain suffix ".com." Why? Because, .com is the most known and preferred domain name extension worldwide. If you are planning on going international, and working with clients all over the world, you have no other option but to go with the .com suffix.


Even if you are staying local today, you can never be sure about the future. If you decided to branch out and grow your business, you could be looking at big trouble a few years down the road. Changing a domain name, even the suffix, could cause you to have significant setbacks. A simple name change could cost you valuable time and money. Most importantly, you could lose a big part of your customer base. 


The prestige


Admit it; a .com domain name is more prestigious than every other suffix. There have probably been numerous instances where you have seen a website as a fishy one simply because of a suffix. It happens all the time, a domain name with a .biz is not as attractive as .com.


Sure there are many suffixes such as .net, .org, .info, .biz, but they can never reach the popularity and trust of the good old .com. If you decide to go local with your domain extension, you might be facing more trouble because a foreign user might not be familiar with the use of a two-part suffix. These could be,, and more, which are also less understood outside of your region.  



You will be more aware of such issues if you decide to go for a suffix that includes country codes like If you paid close attention to that suffix, you would see that it isn't, but rather Another example is, which might cause massive confusion among users that are living outside of France.


You might also come across other country codes such as EU, ASIA, AERO, TRAVEL, MOBI, and more. Lately, suffixes like XXX, TV, and even PRO have begun to pop up as a domain name. You might think that these suffixes are an excellent opportunity to find secure 4 letter domains, but they only reinforce the popularity and value of .com.



 Still not convinced about the reputation of .com extensions? You will need to ask yourself about the last time you saw website name ideas with the suffixes mentioned above. If you have not viewed any, then the odds are none of your potential customers have seen them. 


Local laws and regulations


If you are starting a company in your home country, and looking to move on to other regions, there might be a possibility that you face problems with your local laws. You will need to choose a .com suffix instead of your local country extension to avoid trouble with local regulations and statutes. The regional suffixes are usually locally governed by local government laws


Prices of 4 letter domains


Well then, you have heard much about 4 letter domain names, and you might be asking how much do they go for. When looking for 4 letter domains for sale, you might be shocked at the price tag of some domain names. Since these domains are desirable and rare, a website name with a pleasing letter combination and .com suffix can, in some cases, truly break the bank. What are the premium price tags for such domains? Some four-letter common words unsurprisingly go for in some cases absurd amounts of money. 


Do you specialize in selling beers? Guess what? has been sold for 7 million USD. Beer is not your area, and you instead work in the monetary sector? The domain name has gone for 10 million USD. It's no secret that pornography takes up a hefty portion of the internet. Do you want to get into that? Well, the domain name has been sold for 9.5 million dollars.


Were you not looking to get into any of that and instead want to do something a bit more moral? Maybe you want to sell toys? The website name has been sold for 5.1 million dollars. If you are looking to sell products on a general scope, a simple domain name like has gone for 3.5 million euros. Alright then, wine it is, guess what? 3.3 million dollars.


Well, what do I do?


As you can see, buying a short domain name is like buying diamonds. The rare they become, the more expensive they are. This does not, however, mean that you can never find affordable 4 letter domains for sale. It would just not be a simple walk in the park. You will have a hard time hoping on to a domain selling website and purchasing a 4 letter domain of your choice, you could do so if you have the sufficient funds, but as a start-up company who is keen on penny-pinching, it would not be in your best efforts. 



The solution? There are many ways of handling such problems. Just as with many start-ups you should always have room for brainstorming and innovation. Sitting down for a given amount of time to do a thorough research is essential. You can never know what lightbulb will switch on above your head. Getting creative with your domain name can help you find an affordable website name and future branding. It is the act of finding creative company names that will surely save the day.


The C's and V's


Finding four-letter domain names that are pronounceable is also a significant issue to tackle in the domain war. Such pronounceable names are being bought daily, hence making them harder and harder for businesses to apprehend. In many cases, you will see four-letter domain names represented with V's and C's.


These letters stand for Vowels and Constants. So what? You might ask. Well, having this type of grammatical structure in a word allows for more straightforward pronunciation and understanding. The rarest domain names have a structure of VCVC or CVCV, which are considered to be the most pronounceable. If your website name has a straight CCCC or VVVV structure, it would be a mix of words, nothing more, nothing less. 



After doing a little research, you will see that some CVCV and VCVC combinations will fetch upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, even in some cases costing millions. This is mainly due to the scarcity of such combinations. You can imagine that there are only a certain number of possible combinations when it comes to four-letter variations. 


What to remember


what to remember


Well then, you are now able to formulate an idea when it comes to the topic of 4 letter domain names. Before you start your search regarding the matter, there will be a couple of crucial points to remember and see as a recap of the information mentioned above.


Standing out from the crowd.


Just as mentioned above, 4 letter domain names will help your company stand out. It is highly likely that most of your competition is using lengthy .com names. A few companies which are a bit smarter will be using shorter and more brandable names. The bad news is that you will have no trouble finding affordable 4 letter domains in abundance only in non-English words.


These words will be newly invented, all for your taking. You can simply stick to focusing on an easily brandable name. This is a tactic used by many companies. The main reason for this is simple; 4 letter domains can sometimes be too expensive. 




Without a doubt, marketing and branding are among the most fundamental areas of focus for a company. This company can be brand new, or a multi-billion dollar one, it will always have an eye on these fields. 4 letter domains help you in this area by allowing you to work with names that are easily remembered and pronounced.


As a company, you need to be able to swiftly communicate your service and product to the customer. Names such as eBay and Seda are great examples of this. Also imagine a business looking for marketing company names, in the heap of it all, it can truly be ironic.  



When hesitating to purchase 4 letter domains, you should always remember that buying a great domain name is like a golden investment. It will become a good asset for you and your company, just as with any other asset that you might own, hence choose wisely!


Your brand’s cosmic growth starts today.

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